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“Slazinger1 claims to have learned from history that most people cannot open their minds to new ideas unless a mind-opening teams with a peculiar membership goes to work on them. Otherwise, life will go on exactly as before, no matter how painful, unrealistic, unjust, ludicrous, or downright dumb that life may be.

The team must consist of three sorts of specialists, he says. Otherwise the revolution, whether in politics or the arts or the sciences or whatever, is sure to fail.”

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The three types of specialist

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“He says that if you can’t get a cast like that together, you can forget changing anything in a great big way.”

  1. Roman karakteri Paul Slazinger: Bluebeard, the Autobiography of Rabo Karabekian (Mavi Sakal), Kurt Vonnegut ↩︎
  2. Kottke (via John Gruber: “The Three Types of Specialist Necessary for Any Revolution”) ↩︎
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