The Localization

Ali Riza Esin, 12 Mayıs 2013 — 1 dk.

The Localization

“Ş” is one of the accent characters in Turkish. In a typeface, a cedilla1 (hook) aligned horizontally under the “S” is a diacritical mark that modifies its’ pronunciation. A well designed latin set includes a special character with the exact same name (it’s like a sickle which one can recall by old Soviet Union flag) if it does not have necessarily a couple of our good old “Ş”.2 But, significant amount of typefaces use just a comma3 for the same purpose — which I do underline here.

There may be certain “comma separated values” between different cultures which sometimes can leake — well, actually as common values as the things that was dug down deep. May enhancing a super-hero sign with a kind of “Id” sign shows that such a clear (if not clever) way? I don’t know. Did you think before that muscular triangle (or a diamond shape — think there are no extra sides looking at top) as it is anything but just a downward arrow pointing to a certain spot on human body — to Supermans’ dance belt under these circumstances? Well, that’s your call.

Egos are for one to own! Be free to copy it if you’d like to do it for fun. That’s the conclusion of the whole matter.

  1. Cedilla on Wikipedia ↩︎
  2. Only ISO 8859-9 (or Latin 5) versions of the fonts contain both upper- and lowercase “S with cedilla” for the corresponding buttons of Turkish keyboards properly. ↩︎
  3. Comma-mark like this long phallus is from American Typewriter Bold. ↩︎

DISCLAIMER: This article causes fits of unreasonable rage, and may not be suitable for hardcore Superman fans, reader discretion is advised.

Copyright issues for Superman was complicated for years, but, since January 2013 it is clear that the all “S” signs representing “Superman” rights are all belongs to DC Comics. My works hereby enclosed to this article is just for description of a concept and may not be an exception. For example, if you’d like to print it on a t-shirt without copyright owners’ written acceptance, such usage, might be illegal.

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