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Jonathan Korman’dan bir tweet dizisi… Başlangıcını en alta ekliyorum. Bir başlığı yok ama “Customers vs Users” denebilir belki:

Conflation of users and customers is one of the most destructive and pervasive errors in business.

A customer is a person purchasing a product or service.
A user is a person using it.
Very different.

Yes, the user of a product or service MAY also be the customer. But these are very different modes.
The things that motivate a purchase and the things that satisfy when using something are VERY different.

User motivations may directly conflict with customer motivations.
Even when it IS the same person!
And the user is a different person from the customer much more often than most folks realize.

Countless problems in products and services come from pursuing the customer instead of serving the user.

Jonathan Korman